base URI: /api/cms/site/query/

The list of accepted functions and its descriptions
operation API endpoint available JSON presets description of accepted input keysrequired_keys
base URI=/api/cms/site/query/
help /api/cms/site/query/help/
list /api/cms/site/query/list/ data-processing |   default |   site-names |   sites |   cache-hint, ce_state, columns, computeunits, corepower, country, country_code, cr_state, cu_rcsites, cu_state, desc, draw, facility, frontierproxy, id, length, name, order, perfsonars, preset, protocols, rcsite_state, read-hint, result, sitedb_title, squid_state, start, state, statistics-destination, status, storage-units, su_state, tier_level, timeout-in-seconds, vo_name cachehint, ce_state, country, country_code, cr_state, cu_state, facility, id, name, rcsite_state, readhint, squid_state, state, statendpoint, status, su_state, tier_level, timeout, vo_name json